Werner Sobek Ingenieure in Albstraße 14, 70597, Stuttgart

Werner Sobek Ingenieure

Albstraße 14, 70597, Stuttgart

Architektur- / Ingenieurbüro

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Frau Miriam Mann



Werner Sobek Ingenieure

Architecture which claims to formulate an attitude appropriate to our time and the future, must be a form of architecture that finds its forms and materials not by reference to traditional forms and materials. We should not ask "how did we use to work and live" but "how shall we work and live in the future". The answer to this question requires an unconditional anticipation of what the future holds in store - a method which occasionally may lead us in the wrong direction but which is the only way in terms of being intellectually justifiable. Or, in the words of Hegel "...that the fear of being wrong constitutes an error in itself".

The architecture of our own time and the future must exhibit a radically different, viz. positive, attitude to the natural environment and its users and to its inherent technology.